Aerial HD comes from a remote control obsession, it’s huge passion to fly.Commonly setup with dual batteries this gives it a flight time of around 20 minutes safely, it also features a full GPS system that allows us to hold a hovering position accurate to within about 400mm in the wind. Another great feature of the GPS system is a fully integrated fail safe, this allows us to flick one switch if we are ever in trouble and the helicopter will fly itself back to the take off location and land within 1m squared without touching the remote.

dji Inspire

AerialHD Skyhero

Not only do AerialHD offer drone remote control aerial photography we also charter a range of commercial helicopters including the Robinson R22, R44 & Hughes 269 as some of our preferred aerial photography platforms when a drone does not fit the scope of works. Contact us now for your free quote within 24 hours.



DJI Inspire – This is our most used machine due to its incredible stabilised unimpeded footage thanks to the retracting landing gear, all footage is generally done in 4k (Ultra HD) this gives loads of flexibility in post production. Our ground based equipment compliments this machine fantastically with the Panasonic GH4 shooting 4k UHD footage which is stabilised by a DJI Ronin and DJI OSMO for the closeup chase shots. Take a look at our video portfolio

DJI S1000

Next up is the DJI S1000 commonly used in the video side of things this work of art offers super stability combined with a great flight time and fold away landing legs for an uninterrupted 360-degree view. This beauty has one of if not the best flight controller on the market, The DJI Wookong. This offers the flexibility to program into the hexacopter several GPS coordinates and away it goes following the preset route. Along with these we fly a range a job specific remote control helicopters to get the best result for the job