A aerial photography photo from a commercial helicopter

Why We Love Aerial Photography – Drone vs Helicopter Pros & Cons

We love aerial photography and living on the Gold Coast and working anywhere from Coffs Harbour to the Sunshine Coast on mosts days we get to experience some of the great sights of the Gold Coast and surrounds. Not only that but we get to play with remote control helicopters and best of all real helicopters.

Planning a Aerial Photography Shoot

When we plan an aerial photography shoot first thing we do is determine the best machine and camera for the job, now this comes down to a few factors, is the job within 3 nautical miles of an airport or aviation area, if it is then a commercial helicopter is best to be used but the price would still stay affordable seeing we close to the airport and would only need the helicopter for a short amount of time approx. 30mins, however most helicopters have a minimum hire time of 1 hour respectively.

Helicopter vs Drone Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons to both commercial helicopters and drones when it comes to aerial photography and we have given some examples in the below table.[tabs style=”boxed” title=”Pros & Cons Drone vs Helicopter”] [tab title=”Pros Drone”]Very flexible angles, Close up photos, Great fly through effect for video, Can be 1ft to 400ft altitude [/tab] [tab title=”Pros Helicopter”]High altitude availability, Quick travel time, Can carry multiple cameras, minimum height 1000ft or 500ft with special clearance (subject to availability) [/tab] [tab title=”Cons Drone”]Maximum 400ft altitude, Can only carry one camera, Weight restrictions, Battery flight time limits, Restricted operational areas[/tab] [tab title=”Cons Helicopter”]Minimum altitude areas apply, Cost of hire, Time required for departure, Aircraft traffic restriction areas[/tab] [/tabs] By checking out the above table of pros and cons drone vs helicopter you will get a basic understanding of what aircraft type will suit your aerial photography shoot, we will also make the final call depending on your location all as part of the service. We are here to answer and help you with your aerial photography enquiry and please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0438 603 209 24/7 or contact us. Happy Flying!