AerialHD partners with some of the leading time lapse companies to carry out some spectacular time lapse Photography across the Gold Coast, Brisbane &  throughout Australia. AerialHD offers a variety of options for Time lapse.

Remote Login Option

The time lapse unit is accessed though online via a remote login allowing you access a copy of time lapse images taken to date, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this option it is a great tool as you may notice certain areas you would like monitored in closer view a simple call to your production leader and its done.

Powerful Tool

Time Lapse Photography is a great tool for construction companies, mine sites, ship builders and so many more the sky is the limit. Many construction time lapse photography jobs really make a great tool for project managers having access to hi resolution cloud based images 24/7.

What Is Time Lapse Photography

Time Lapse Photography is a specialised camera that takes a hi resolution picture at set time intervals, from 1 second to 10 minutes intervals these photos are then run through special software to combine images into a video. Normal TV for example is viewed at 25 frames per second (pictures) and what the time lapse software does works very much the same combining 25 pictures (frames) into 1 second of footage to give you a video effect. A time lapse photo shoot that has been set to say 30 second intervals will show high amounts of movement from the likes of workers, machinary and cranes.

Combining all the time lapse photography together can show 6 months worth of construction in a short 1-2 minute video giving a dramatic effect to your client, website or digital media advertising.

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